A Custom-Built Wood Privacy Fence Available for Your Home in the Clayton, MO, Area

Wood Privacy Fence Clayton MOIf you’re anxious about tracking down the right company to install a wood privacy fence on your property, then Chesterfield Fence & Deck is here to help. We have been trusted by countless satisfied homeowners since our beginning in 1968, building long-term, elegant fences that offer years of charm and privacy to properties across the Clayton, Missouri, area.

At Chesterfield Fence & Deck, two types of long-lasting and visually appealing wood species are available for your home in Clayton, MO. The first is our Ozark Timber Copperwood, which can be a great choice for your wood privacy fence because it:

  • Is covered by a 25-year warranty against insect damage and decay
  • Is treated with a special wood preservative comprised of copper, oil, and naphthenic acid that halts fungi growth
  • Ages beautifully, maintaining a naturally charming appearance that will contribute to the aesthetic enhancement of your house many years into the future

The other wood we offer is our Eastern Red Cedar, which is harvested from the nearby Ozarks and is acclimated to the climate we experience in the region. It is also characterized by having a natural oil that minimizes decay, insect infestation, and mold. And, our Eastern Red Cedar fences are backed with a 20-year warranty, meaning you’ll feel confident that your investment remains protected.

To learn more about having Chesterfield Fence & Deck install a wood privacy fence on your property in Clayton, MO, or another nearby city, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our Eastern Red Cedar and Ozark Timber Copperwood fences.