Custom Built Wood Fencing

Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company offers a full line of premium quality wood that will accomplish any fencing solution, providing value at the same time. Read below to learn more about wood fences custom built to last By Chesterfield Fence & Deck. We offer the following lines of wood fencing: Eastern Red Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Treated Pine Fencing.


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Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company’s Eastern Red Cedar fencing is economical, environmentally safe, and it is guaranteed to last for 20 years.

Eastern Red Cedar fence boards from Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company are harvested from Southern Missouri in the Ozarks and Northern Arkansas. Wood that is native to the Missouri climate will greatly outlast products harvested in other areas such as Canada, California and overseas.

Eastern Red Cedar fence boards and posts from Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company are composed of primarily all heartwood as opposed to sapwood. The heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar is much harder than sapwood and, thus, holds its natural color longer. In addition, the natural oil in the heartwood minimizes mold, decay and insect infestation. The product that contains heartwood is far stronger than a builder grade wood such as PureWood or any other UV sealed wood.

All posts used with the Eastern Cedar fence system are classified as lifetime wood because of their long-lasting quality. As one long-time fence expert states, “There are Eastern Cedar posts that were installed over 40 years ago and are still as strong as the day they were installed.”


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Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company is St. Louis’ exclusive supplier of Ozark Timber Copperwood fencing, which comes with a 25 year warranty against insects and decay. A Copperwood fence by Chesterfield Fence & Deck is a wood fence that is strong, long lasting and will weather to a beautiful color with no upkeep or maintenance required.

Ozark Timber Copperwood is treated with a wood preservative known as copper naphthenate or Cu Nap. Cu Nap is a special blend of wood treating oil, copper and naphthenic acid. When blended and properly placed in the wood, it not only retards fungi and insect attack but the oil enhances the wearability by extending the life of the wood fibers. Copperwood is a non-hazardous treated pine that is safe for use around humans, animals, and plants.

When Copperwood is first removed from the treating vessel and is installed, the wood can be green in color. After only a few weeks the wood turns to a rich copper color and then ages to a light brown/silver gray. Your Copperwood fence will add natural lasting beauty to your yard.

“The Superior Choice for FENCES”

Since 1968, Chesterfield Fence & Deck Company has been the name of quality in outdoor fence and deck products and installation. In addition to quality fence, deck and railing, we offer several outdoor products that enhance the experience of the home.

Whether you are looking for vinyl, wood, ornamental or chain link fencing or seeking to enhance your home with a sunroom or other outdoor product, you’ve come to the right place. With over 45 years of experience in the fence industry, Chesterfield Fence & Deck has become the name in outdoor products that you can trust.