How to Care For Your Wood Fence Like a Professional in St. Louis, MO

Wood Fence St. Louis MOSturdy and naturally beautiful, a wood fence is the perfect addition to your yard in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. Wood fences can be installed in a variety of styles to enhance privacy and protection, or to simply add a little charm to your outdoor living space. Whatever your motivation is for installing one, properly caring for your wood fence is crucial to keeping it strong and beautiful for years to come.

Many wood fences in St. Louis, MO, are crafted from durable species, like cedar or redwood, and are chemically treated for added resistance against pests and rotting. However, periodic upkeep by homeowners is still necessary. Adequate maintenance practices depend on the specific type of wood species and the environment the fence is installed in, but in most cases, experts suggest applying a stain or sealer about every three years to protect against moisture damage. Before staining or sealing, though, make sure the fence is clean.  To clean your wood fence, use a mildew and mold-fighting solution made specifically for outdoor use. These can be found at most hardware stores. If placed on a low setting, a pressure washer may also be used to remove dirt and grime from a wood fence.

At Chesterfield Fence & Deck, we install wood fences crafted from species that thrive in the St. Louis, MO, area climate, offering a greater resistance to damage from insects and moisture. As our customer, you can be assured we’ll help you find the perfect style of fence for your functional needs and design preferences, and provide you with the information you need to properly care for your specific type of wood fence. Contact our friendly representatives today to schedule your free estimate.