Low-Maintenance and Stormproof Vinyl Decks Offered in St. Louis, MO & All Surrounding Cities

Vinyl Decks St. Louis MO Chesterfield Fence & Deck offers vinyl decks that will resist wear and tear from weather and time, alike. This means that the beautiful deck we custom craft and design for your St. Louis, Missouri, property will remain aesthetically pleasing for years to come, resisting damage that can be wreaked by inclement weather and frequent use.

We create our low-maintenance vinyl decks using VEKAdeck™ products, meaning they are made with top-of-the-line materials that are manufactured by a prominent decking brand. This is because we strive to offer you only the best of the best vinyl decking that will help cut down on your home maintenance chores. You will not need to paint, stain, or seal your deck to maintain its vibrant shade, and when it comes time for cleaning, you can wipe down your deck with mild soap and water and be done.

Our vinyl decks are also resilient against storms that frequent the St. Louis, MO, area. VEKAdeck™ vinyl will not absorb moisture, so the humidity, torrential rainstorms, and snowfall we see throughout the year will not damage your deck. Your decking will also never flake, peel, or delaminate.

Along with boasting their low maintenance requirements and strength against storms, our vinyl decks are also:

  • Slip resistant to ensure they are safe for adults and kids
  • Fire resistant and will self-extinguish in the event of a fire
  • Will never be hot to the touch, so you can go barefoot without the risk of burning your feet

If you want nothing less than a vinyl deck that needs little of your time to maintain, resists damage from storms, and offers much more, contact Chesterfield Fence & Deck today. We have custom crafted vinyl decks for satisfied clients throughout St. Louis, MO, and all nearby cities.