A Reputable Sunroom Installer Can Help You Select the Right Style for Your Home in St. Louis, MO

Sunroom Installer St. Louis MOChoosing the right sunroom installer is only half the battle when adding a sunroom onto your home in St. Louis, Missouri. Selecting the right style of sunroom may also prove to be tricky, because there are so many options available. Studio, split level, two-story – the choices can seem endless.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional sunroom installer to know what style is best for your home. Let’s explore a few that are often installed onto houses in St. Louis, MO:

  • Cathedral – Cathedral sunrooms add height with beautiful vaulted ceilings, and may be ideal for homeowners who appreciate classic design. These sunrooms are also available in various configurations to suit homes big and small.
  • Solarium: If you have a sunroom installer add a solarium sunroom onto your home, you’re sure to get your fix of sunshine. Solariums feature all-glass roofs to provide maximum sunlight reception and are versatile enough to look great with various types of homes.
  • California: California sunrooms feature a distinct split-level roof that offers a unique design element. This style of sunroom is usually more appropriate for larger, two-story homes.
  • Conservatory: Conservatory sunrooms are ideal for homeowners who’d like to add old-world charm and elegance to their residence. They’re typically slightly rounded and feature a sophisticated Edwardian or Victorian-style roof. However, specific styles will vary depending on sunroom installer you choose.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a reputable sunroom installer who carries these styles of sunrooms, plus many more, turn to the outdoor living experts at Chesterfield Fence & Deck. Serving the St. Louis, MO, area since 1968, our professionals possess the know-how and experience to navigate you through the various sunroom styles available, and what configuration may be best for your home. To receive a complimentary in-home sunroom estimate, contact Chesterfield Fence & Deck today.