Premium-Grade PVC Decking for Homes in St. Louis, MO & Nearby Communities

PVC Decking St. Louis MOSelecting PVC decking, also referred to as vinyl decking, for your outdoor living space in St. Louis, Missouri, is an excellent choice. It is low maintenance, repels moisture, and is visually appealing. That said, not all vinyl decks are manufactured with equal quality, so be sure to trust a reputable contractor when it’s time to add a deck to your home.

At Chesterfield Fence & Deck, we are proud to install reinforced cellular PVC decking from VEKA INNOVATIONS™, a premier manufacturer in the home improvement industry. Engineered with a patent-pending, lightweight formulation of 100 percent PVC and color stabilizers, these incredible decks are:

  • Moisture-resistant – Thanks to its low moisture absorption, our vinyl decks are ideal for high-moisture settings in St. Louis, such as around a pool or next to a lake. Plus, it provides great traction even when it’s wet.
  • Low maintenance – Upkeep includes an occasional wash with a mild household soap and removing standing water when necessary.
  • Impervious to many sources of damage – This includes insect damage, rotting, corrosion, chipping, peel, and blistering. Our resilient PVC decking also meets or exceeds ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for puncture and impact resistance.
  • Available in a variety of long-lasting colors – Not only will your deck look cool in the shade of your choice, it will also feel cool! Our vinyl decks feature thermal reflective technology to help keep the surface comfortable for bare feet.

To learn more about our innovative PVC decking or to schedule your free estimate, contact Chesterfield Fence & Deck today. We’ve proudly served St. Louis, MO, and neighboring areas since 1968.