No-Fuss Ways to Maintain Your House Fence in St. Louis, MO

House Fence St. Louis MOPurchasing a quality-made house fence is always a smart investment for homeowners in St. Louis, Missouri, but only if the fences are maintained properly. A raggedy, un-kept fence can be quite the eyesore, and it won’t be very appealing to prospective home buyers down the road. Thankfully, with a little know-how, anyone can easily keep a fence looking lovely for years to come.

Of course, the amount of necessary upkeep will vary by fencing material. There are several types of fences available to homeowners in St. Louis, MO, but here are easy upkeep tips for a few of the most common house fence materials:

  • Vinyl – Vinyl fences are ideal for busy, active homeowners who are looking for an ultra-low maintenance fencing solution. To keep a vinyl fence looking pristine, simply hose it off with garden hose and remove caked on dirt or mud with a long-handle car washing brush.
  • Aluminum – Similar to vinyl, the occasional hose down is usually all that is necessary to maintaining an aluminum house fence. If debris like dirt or mud adhere to the fence, gently scrub it off with a sponge and non-abrasive soap.
  • Wood – There are several species of wood that are used to make fences, and some require more maintenance than others. Generally speaking, though, washing a wooden house fence with an anti-mildew cleaning solution and reapplying sealant every three years will effectively maintain its natural beauty.

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