Things to Consider Before Installing Fences in Clayton, MO & Neighboring Communities

Fences Clayton MOWhen it comes to fences, there are plenty of factors to consider prior to purchasing. Fences are sizeable investments for homeowners in the Clayton, Missouri, area, so it’s wise to sort a few things out before deciding between vinyl, wood, aluminum, or chain link. Be sure to think about your:

  • Budget: Fences range wildly in price per foot according to material and manufacturer, so your budget should play a substantial role in determining what fencing to purchase. Chain link is typically the most affordable option, but wood and vinyl varieties can also be extremely cost-effective. Also, when considering where to place your fence, keeping the design as square as possible will help reduce the need for customization and keep costs down.
  • Style: Determine what you’re trying to keep in and out (small animals, children, nosey neighbors?), how much privacy you’d like to gain, and what sort of aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. Many types of beautiful wood and vinyl fences are available in semi-private and private configurations with tall, adjoining pickets. However, if you’d simply like to enclose your space while enhancing the appearance of your yard, an ornamental aluminum fence is a great option.
  • Climate: Fences in the Clayton, MO, area must be able to withstand years, if not decades, of rain, wind, and snow, so choosing a durable material is always a smart choice. Generally speaking, the most resilient materials are aluminum and vinyl, but established fencing providers may offer sturdier varieties of traditionally inexpensive options, such as chain link.
  • Legal restrictions and boundaries: Installing fences can involve a host of legalities, like property lines and city codes. Some communities have strict regulations regarding fence height and styles, and select areas may require a permit before installing a fence. Be sure to double check with your local authorities prior to having your new fence installed.

If you’re confused or overwhelmed by any of the pre-purchase considerations associated with fences, the professionals at Chesterfield Fence & Deck are eager to be of assistance. We’ve provided homeowners in Clayton, MO, and nearby communities with several types of quality fences and plenty of helpful expertise for decades. Contact us today for a free consultation, or stop by our Chesterfield showroom.