For Proper Installation, Call a Fence Contractor in St. Charles, MO, or a Nearby Area

Fence Contractor St. Charles MOHiring a fence contractor to install a fence in your St. Charles, Missouri, backyard is the wise choice over attempting to assemble one yourself. Fence installation is tricky; there are multiple factors that can stump even the most seasoned DIYer (uncertain property lines, underground utilities, and uneven terrain, just to name a few). So, rather than fetching your shovel and picking up loads of lumber at the home improvement store, locate a skilled fence contractor to do the work for you.

When you place your fence installation project into the hands of a professional in St. Charles, MO, he or she will expertly address the many complexities associated with installing a fence. For example, a reputable fence contractor will:

  • Locate your property lines
  • Suggest the best fencing material and style for your needs
  • Comply with local fencing ordinances
  • Avoid hitting underground utilities
  • Properly set fence posts – a crucial and often complicated component of installation
  • Adjust the fence to accommodate any slopes or unique terrain in your yard
  • Expertly install gates
  • And much more

If you’d rather not embark on a challenging fence installation project by yourself, turn to Chesterfield Fence & Deck. As a trusted local fence contractor serving St. Charles, MO, and surrounding areas since 1968, our professionals possess the expertise, experience, and specialized tools to properly install any type of fence. Our customers can select from the finest fencing materials, including Eastern Red Cedar and powder-coated aluminum, and a variety of beautiful styles to perfectly meet their aesthetic preferences and functional demands. Our unbeatable selection and commitment to earning your satisfaction are just a couple of the reasons why we consistently earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

As a trusted local fence contractor, Chesterfield Fence & Deck offers complimentary in-home consultations. Contact our friendly representatives today to learn additional information.