Fence Company Shares How to Maintain Home Fencing in St. Charles, MO

Fence Company St. Charles MOChoosing a reputable fence company to install the right type of fencing for your home in St. Charles, Missouri, is critical, but it’s also vitally important to properly maintain your fence once it is installed. By doing so, you’ll help ensure your investment remains beautiful and strong for years to come. Different fence materials come with varying upkeep requirements, however, so be sure to take the right measures to maintain your specific type of fencing.

Here are a few maintenance guidelines for some of the more common fencing materials a fence company might offer in St. Charles, MO:

  • Vinyl – Vinyl fencing is a popular choice among busy homeowners thanks to its minimal upkeep requirements, but some maintenance is necessary to preserve its clean aesthetic. Once installed by a fence company, use a hose to rinse away any dirt that may accumulate on the fence’s surface. If dirt is stubborn, scrub the fence with a long-handled car washing brush.
  • Wood – Wood fences can add beauty to any yard. They do require a bit more maintenance than their vinyl counterparts, but you don’t have to work at a fence company to know how to keep your wood fence looking pristine. Proper maintenance practices depend on the wood species and the environment it is installed in, but generally, washing the fence with a mildew-fighting cleaning solution and reapplying sealer at least every three years will keep it beautiful and healthy.
  • Aluminum – A quick hose down is typically all that’s required to clean an aluminum fence. If clumps of dirt, mud, or other debris still remains, however, scrub the problem area with a sponge and some non-abrasive soap.

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