How to Keep Decks Looking Good for Years in Wentzville, MO or a Nearby Area

Decks Wentzville MOEven the best built decks in Wentzville, Missouri can appear worn after years of exposure to harsh sunlight and inclement weather. The secret to keeping your deck beautiful in the long term is, not surprisingly, performing a little routine maintenance. Just as home siding may require the occasional rinse to remove dirt and grime, decks also need periodic attention. However, different deck types come with varying levels of upkeep requirements, so it’s important to know what care your deck needs to stay looking its best.

Wood decks have a reputation for demanding the most maintenance, and rightfully so. Porous wood is more vulnerable to warping, rotting, and damage from mold, but if well maintained, these decks offer unrivaled natural beauty that will last for decades. To keep a wood deck looking pristine in Wentzville, MO, have it professionally cleaned and sealed at least every two to three years, regularly sweep up dirt, and shovel off snow in the winter. Quickly wipe up grease stains from grills, too, since settled-in grease is tricky to remove.

Unlike their wood counterparts, composite decks require little maintenance to retain their rich color and beauty. The key word there, however, is “little.” Homeowners with a composite deck should still regularly sweep off dirt and debris and swiftly attend to grease stains. Avoid using shovels with sharp edges to remove snow or ice, since these tools can scratch the deck. Similarly, homeowners with vinyl or PVC varieties should implement these practices when caring for their decks.

If you’re considering installing a deck on your home in Wentzville, MO, contact the experts at Chesterfield Fence & Deck. We offer wood, PVC, and composite decks from the best brands in the business, and will gladly instruct you on how to keep your deck looking good for years to come.