Choose the Right Deck for Your Home in St. Charles, MO, or a Nearby Community

Deck St. Charles MOA deck is not a one-size-fits-all product, so don’t approach your deck addition project like it is. There are multiple types of decks available to St. Charles, Missouri, residents – from wood and composite to one-level and multi-tiered, so devote some thought to finding the perfect option for your home.

When contemplating your ideal outdoor living space, first consider what type of decking material you’d like to use. Different materials come with different practical advantages and disadvantages, so don’t make your pick based on aesthetics alone. Here are some of the upkeep requirements associated with two of the most popular deck materials, wood and composite:

  • Wood –. To maintain the natural beauty and strength of this material, you will have to have it professionally cleaned and sealed every one to two years, shovel off snow and sweep off dirt, and swiftly attend to grease spills from backyard barbeques.
  • Composite – A vinyl composite deck in St. Charles, MO, requires less upkeep than wood varieties, but it still needs periodic maintenance to stay looking its best. Regularly sweep of dirt and debris and occasionally rinse with soap and warm water.

Once you’ve identified your ideal decking material, consider how large your deck should be. Bigger is not always better – a grand, sweeping design will easily dwarf a modest-sized home and appear out of place. A common rule followed by many exterior remodelers is to limit the size of the deck to 20 percent of the home’s total indoor square footage to ensure it is to scale with the house.

To determine other details of your outdoor living space, like railings and multiple tiers, contact the professionals at Chesterfield Fence & Deck today. We have proudly served St. Charles, MO, customers since 1968.