An Eastern Red Cedar Fence Will Look Great Around Your Home in Imperial, MO

Cedar Fence Imperial MOIf you want the sign you have the very best, then let Chesterfield Fence & Deck install a cedar fence around your home in the Imperial, Missouri, area. Since 1968, it’s been with great pleasure that we have partnered with countless homeowners across the region who wanted nothing less than the finest products and attentive service. For these reasons, among many others, we have cemented our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For your home in Imperial, MO, or a nearby city, an Eastern Red Cedar fence will be a long-lasting, secure border that can be used to create a private front or backyard. Additionally, our cedar fence option is a great investment because it:

  • Is harvested in the nearby Ozarks, making it accustomed to our region’s climate
  • Is composed of primarily hard heartwood, as opposed to soft and potentially pliable sapwood
  • Holds its beautiful, authentic color well into the future
  • Has a natural oil that fights against decay, mold, and bug infestation
  • Is covered with a 20-year warranty for added peace of mind

In addition to our cedar fence option, we also offer Ozark Timber Copperwood fencing. This fence is treated with an amazing blend of oil, copper, and naphthenic acid that helps to preserve the wood in the long run by protecting it from fungi and insects. Our Copperwood is covered with a 25-year warranty. Whether you choose our cedar or Copperwood species, your fence will also be covered by our five-year labor warranty.

To speak with knowledgeable home improvement experts about having either our Copperwood or cedar fence options installed around your residence, contact Chesterfield Fence & Deck today. We are the long-standing and widely trusted contractor partnering with numerous clients throughout Imperial, MO, and surrounding cities.