Chesterfield Fence & Deck – Installing High-End Sunrooms for Homeowners Throughout St. Louis, MO

Sunrooms St. Louis MOAt Chesterfield Fence & Deck, we proudly install TEMO sunrooms for homeowners in St. Louis and other nearby areas of Missouri. We install these sunrooms because they are made with superior materials compared to other products on the market. We are dedicated to giving homeowners the quality products they deserve, and only TEMO meets our demands for excellence in sunrooms.

Sunrooms from TEMO are regarded as better options than those from other manufacturers because they are designed to perform and built to last. In fact, each TEMO sunroom is:

  • Manufactured from a polymer surface material called TEMKOR that is highly resilient and resists chalking, scratching, denting, and fading
  • Engineered to meet or exceed all national and local building codes
  • Equipped with its own gutter system that can be incorporated into your home’s existing gutters with ease
  • Available in your preference of cathedral, studio, or solarium styles
  • Protected by TEMO’s very own floor-to-ceiling lifetime guarantee, letting you know your investment is safe

If you’re interested in finding out more about the top-quality TEMO sunrooms that we proudly install for homeowners throughout St. Louis, MO, please contact us today or stop by our 25,000-square-foot showroom in Chesterfield to see all that we have to offer. When you do, we’ll arrange a complimentary meeting for you with one of our project consultants, who will walk you through our selection of sunrooms and help you choose the best one for your wants and needs.